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Conor Southgate Does ÖTILLÖ Swimrun To Raise Money For Action For M.E.

Our resident sports enthusiast/lunatic Conor Southgate is getting his running shoes on once more, this time to compete in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun in Germany.

This intense event involves a combination of running through forests and swimming through lakes, transitioning ten times between land and water, and covering a total of over 41km. Check out the madness here:

He’s doing this to raise money and awareness for Action for M.E., a charity that is very close to our hearts.

Conor says:

“ÖTILLÖ is the end of this month (30th September), and I’m pretty excited.

We are raising money for Action for M.E.  Currently these is no cure for M.E., no proven treatment and a severe lack of support for those affected. Action for M.E. is working to change this. Raising awareness of M.E., offering tailored support for those affected and pushing high quality biomedical research are among the charity’s aims.

Swimrun is a Swedish sport where competitors transition from land to water and back to land. ÖTILLÖ means ‘island-to-island’ in Swedish, and that’s exactly what I will be doing at the end of September.”

We’d love it if you’d like to sponsor Conor – Action for M.E. is an amazing charity supporting an amazing cause, so please give your support if you can. For Conor’s Just Giving page, please click here.


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