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Circa, Bracknell – Our Recycling Pledge for 2019

It’s no secret that the construction industry is one of the largest contributors to the UK’s annual waste production. While many significant steps have been taken in recent years to reduce this impact, there is still a considerable distance our industry needs to go in order to minimise our impact on the planet.

At The Haywoods Group we have been implementing this mentality across all of our builds for the past few years, however we also love to challenge ourselves. That’s why for 2019 (and beyond) we will be pushing ourselves to keep recycling and reusing more than ever – while still providing beautiful new homes for a reasonable price, of course.


For each development we embark on, we create a Site Waste Management Plan to detail the different types of waste that are going to be created on site. By doing this we ensure we have thought about where every element of waste we produce is going to end up. The goal is 0% entering landfill, with as much being recycled as possible. Since the start of the Circa, Bracknell build in May 2018, we have removed 34.18 tonnes of waste from site (that’s nearly 7 elephants). But with the help of our waste management partners, we have successfully recycled 100% of it.


Another strategy we love to incorporate is reusing – or rather, retaining – original features and materials when they are still of a suitable standard for use.

This is often a consideration we will make at the design stages and therefore has an influence on the amount of new materials we will need to use on a build.

Recycling what we can no longer use is an excellent step towards reducing our impact on the planet, but conscious material management is the best way to ensure that we don’t use valuable resources creating more new materials than necessary.


Across our developments we are using LED lighting and water regulating fittings to not only meet, but beat government targets and save the future residents money in the long term.

LED bulbs last 40 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs and are far more durable as they don’t contain the fragile filaments synonymous with their less reliable counterparts.

We are also fitting all water outlets with specific hardware designed to improve the accuracy of your water meter and more effectively regulate pressure within the property. This helps the homeowner easily conserve water resulting in less strain on the planet and lower water bills.


While these changes may seem small, the benefits they provide are significant and have no negative impact on the life of the homeowner. So it’s a win all round!


Book a viewing at www.circabracknell.com to see our progress for yourself!

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